Courses Taught

  • Anthropology of Development
  • Business, Culture and Society (business/corporate anthropology)
  • Conducting Business in Emerging Markets
  • Cultural Theory
  • Research Methods in Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Peoples and Cultures of Latin America

Future Courses

  • Money, Markets and Morality (anthropology of money and finance)
  • Production, Consumption and Exchange (economic anthropology)
  • Putting Anthropology to Work (applied/public anthropology)
  • After the Wall: Theorizing Postsocialism and Transition
  • Anthropology of Globalization and Transnationalism
  • Global Cities (urban anthropology)
  • Anthropology of Travel and Tourism
  • Political and Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Urban Social Transformations in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Economy, Culture and Society in Contemporary Cuba